1. Psychology say, if you are meeting someone for the first time you only have about seven seconds to make a powerful first impression 2. Cross legs are one of the most attractive female positions. If a woman is playing with a shoe she is trying
This could be the shocking news for anyone but yes this is real, a boy has become a father  at the age of 13. This is the age when most of the kids of his age fall in love with games, bicycle riding etc At 13 years
I used to believe that looks were the only thing that could make me attractive in the eyes of someone else. I thought that they’d judge me on my average face, average body, and make a decision whether they’d like me solely based on that. I was
First dates can be overwhelming. Streamline your focus into making the first few moment count. 1.Be on time. This will in no small measure improve the situation. 2.Smile when you meet tour dating partner. Smiles they say is contagious. 3.Do not show up with a friend without the other person's
Guys if you understand these 12 ladies signs, you will never lose her.🙈🙈🙈🙈 Nigeria girls like shakara. They will act like they don't care but deep inside, they do. If a girl does any of these 12 things, and you understand them just know that you
For some persons, lying is a way of life, while for others, it is an occupation. If you feel like someone is telling you lies, and you want to know if what the person is true or false. Check out 8 ways to find out; Liars