Successful couples focus on keeping their relationship strong. The reality is: We hurt each other in our close relationships. Sometimes we do it on purpose. However, often we have no idea what just happened, but we know our partner is upset and hurt. So, what should you
These beauties in the World called women are wonderful and somehow unique humans. The world would have been a boring place without them. God Himself saw that man was incomplete without a Woman. He made one for Him. God later commanded that a man should leave
Successful women are picky; they are really choosy and it’s a big deal. They also seem to evaluate men for their fitness. They prefer men who are about 4 to 5 years older than them and they marry or date across and up dominance hierarchies. The
Today, image is considered one of the most important thing, it defines your identity, personality and style. It holds great social significance as it is tied to how people think of themselves, how society as a whole perceives them, or even the laws of attraction. Here
Most girls probably find themselves wondering how to get boyfriends. Here are some fascinating tips that will go a long way towards helping you get that guy you have been eyeing. 1. Meet new guys This one probably goes without saying, but before you get a boyfriend,
No matter what you are feeling, these are the things to never tell him if you really still want to be with him. Women are said to be the more emotional of the genders, and this often influences the things they say and even how they