A healthy, lighter and brighter skin is the goal. We spend so much on our skin, buying different products for the skin, just to achieve that goal. Sometimes, these products work perfectly well on us, and other times the chemical used on most of these
Urine is your body's liquid waste. It's mainly made of water, salt, electrolytes such as potassium and phosphorus, and chemicals called urea and uric acid. Your kidneys make it when they filter toxins and other bad stuff from your blood. A healthy person's urine is about
Papaya popularly called Pawpaw is a delicious fruit enjoyed by many, it has a sweet taste and packed with lots of nutrients. Their are so many benefits gotten from eating papaya, some includes; 1. It boost the immune system. 2. It helps in digestion. 3. Prevents asthma. 4. It
Everyday life takes a toll on your skin, making it look tired and dull. Here are easy ways to revive your tired skin. Dull skin Who doesn’t want a flawless and glowing face? But, you all must have had those days when your skin was looking dull,
A spotless and smooth face and skin is what most young people yearn for but unfortunately or as one may not have wanted, factors such as genes, routines and personal mistakes with some other factors, one may not get the desired flawless skin he or
The in boom of skin tags is a war to many with many of us now not even knowing what it’s miles called. And in black families it’s miles defined with so many annoying titles. If you’re experiencing the massive as soon as put nail polish