Camwood powder is a natural burgundy dye powder that comes from the Camwood tree. How Do You Make Camwood Powder? The powder is obtained by grinding the bark of the Camwood tree (Baphia nitida). Camwood is a shrubby, leguminous, hard-wooded tree from Central West Africa. The wood is gorgeous burgundy in color and often used to
The industry of skincare products is growing by at least $8.052 billion every year. It’s impressive, but it should also warn us to be more careful with the products we buy. One way to make sure our skincare is healthy and natural is to check
As we can’t see our insides, we usually notice the first signs of aging on our skin. While age brings wisdom, it also brings less resilient skin that often tends to become dry and begins to wrinkle. And, as the skin around the eyes is the
For decades, our mothers have understood the many benefits of almonds. In fact, we all probably have some memory of our moms or grandmas soaking almonds overnight and peeling them the next morning for us. Today our skin, hair and overall health seems to be under
The Eucalyptus tree is one that a lot of people do not know about, but has been in existence since time immemorial, and also has been providing humans with tons of benefits over the years. The Eucalyptus is about the tallest flowering plant on earth known
A variety of factors such as sun exposure, improper diet, can lead to skin damage. Here is everything you need to know about early signs of damaged skin and how to nip them in the bud. Who does not wish to have a soft and baby