If you are reading this, there is a high possibility your intuition has been giving you signals that something if off in your relationship. Some men can lie and with a little help from technology, they are able to stay on top of their game
SPOIL YOUR HUSBAND, HE IS TOTALLY YOURS! My dear married sister in this world. There is no happiness in this world than being married. Always say for such a darling husband God has blessed you with. Appreciate your man's effort. With the little effort he is able to
Here are the secret things women want but will never tell a man 1. Almost all women watch porn, some just don't admit. 2. Sometimes they use “periods” as excuse to cancel plans, even if they aren't having them. 3. If they are not able to make eye
Do you know that fornication is an addiction? Once you are addicted to fornication, breaking the yoke can be a big war within you. Have you been struggling with this addiction for a long period of time and really want to breakthrough? You can overcome fornication, try to
The types of men that Nigerian women avoid whenever they think of marriage and a life full of happiness. Here are the types of men that Nigerian women avoid whenever they think of marriage and a lifeful of happiness. 1. Mama’s boy​ If you are the type who
Usually when it comes to relationships, couples tend to look into several factors so as to end up with their perfect match,its just normal. After all,would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you don't like?. Women are more comfortable with