10 Questions You Should Expect From Typical Nigerian Parents As Their Future Son-in-law

Getting married is a beautiful thing and always a source of joy for Nigerian parents. This is because they get to bless their children’s marriage and wait for their future grandchildren.

But before a man can marry their daughter, he is to be questioned thoroughly like he’s taking an examination which he mustn’t fail else the parent won’t give their support to the relationship.

Even if they accept but still feel unsatisfied they would immediately call their daughter and voice their disagreement. Typical Nigerian parents right?

Below are some of the undeniable and inescapable questions future sons-in-law must answer

1. Who or what are your parents like?

The girl’s parents could want to know the kind of family their daughter would be living with. If the man is hesitant about answering, the parents begin to feel suspicious

2. What state are you from?

The future son-in-law is always praying that his state should be among the tribes the girl’s parent-like. If not, it’s no! Or agreed after lots of discussions and disagreement.

3. What do you do for a living

Be ready to tell them your source of income. If the parents find out that the man is jobless, they would stylishly tell him to postpone the wedding proposal until he has a stable income.

4. Where did you meet our daughter and For how long have you been dating

At the club? church? school? party?. Nigerian parents are just too interested in this.

5. So, what’s your plan now, and why are you here

Of course, they know you are at their place to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage or to introduce yourself as her fiance yet they would want to confirm it from the son-in-law’s mouth.

6. What do you like or see in our daughter that makes you want to marry her

They are interested in knowing maybe you’re attracted to her physical features only or you like inner virtues or both or nothing but everything.

7. Are you religious

Christian?, Muslim? or an atheist?. Nigerian parents would surely ask. If the man is into another religion contrary to the girl’s religion then there might be some bumps and clash in decision making.

8. Are you ready to make a lifelong commitment

Nigerian parents would want to ensure the safety of their daughter, how the man would solve family conflicts. Then they will begin to lecture him about marriage.

9. After marriage, where will both of you live?

I still find the question amusing. Do Nigerian pare ts believe a man that is about to marry won’t have a place to live either a rented apartment or a self-owned apartment?

10. Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years

Yes! This is the big question if the future son-in-law isn’t prepared, he would be thrown off guard

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