12 Questions Ladies Often Lie When Asked, No 2 Can Never Come Out True

12 Questions Ladies Often Answer With A Lie

Trust is one of the most important elements in a relationship, whether casual or intimate, same sex or opposite. However, there are many common lies ladies tell when asked some questions that they are either uncomfortable with, don’t want to give real answers to, or have no answers for. Sometimes, she lies to protect her feelings or yours. Other times her motives are less laudable, like lying to cover her tracks.

Whatever the case, certain lies occur much more frequently than others. It doesn’t stop these women from being trust worthy, does it? It’s only natural that she lies in certain situations to avoid unnecessary follow-up questions, or unhealthy underrating. It’s up to you as the guy to identify these lies and know how to handle them.

1. Do you love me?

When you get to this point your game of questions and answers, please refrain from this one. You don’t need to ask her to know the answer. Her answers might be misleading because love is shown more than it’s spoken. Wait for that day when she says “I love You”, without you having to do the asking.

2. Are you a Virgin?

This question is usually answered with silence or a big fat lie. Often times, it is asked as a rhetorical question and no answer is demanded, but most ladies who want to make good impressions would say yes when the actual answer is negative. Others might get mad at the instance as a way to get away from the question. When she gets mad, you might as well forget about getting the cookie for the time being.

3. How old are you?

Normally, it is rude to ask a lady about her age. That notwithstanding, the answer to this question depends on how old the person asking the question is. Most ladies feel if they reveal their age to an interested young man and they end up being older, he might be turned off. On the other hand, some ladies do not want to be judged and accessed by their age, they would rather throw back the question at you to know your age so they can know the magnitude of lie to tell. They might end up twisting the response by saying “Age is just a number, it doesn’t really matter, does it?”

4. Are you in a relationship?

Whenever you ask her this question, two answers are involved and both are usually lies. She might say YES to make you think that she is not lonely and bored, in the real sense she has no one. If she says NO, it might be that she wants to get hooked up with you by all means, whereas she has a dude who dropped her off at your place. Or she might just smile and ask “are we not in a relationship already?”

5. How much did you buy your hair?

This is one question a lady will never give you a straight answer to, especially if you are not a close BFF. With the trend of Ladies competing for the most expensive Brazilian, Peruvian, and Mongolian hairs, every hair is sure to be expensive on their tongue. She would tell you an exaggerated amount so you don’t see her as being cheap and unsophisticated. Even when the hair is borrowed, it comes with an outrageous price tag.

6. What can make you tell a lie?

“Nothing. I have never told a lie before”. If you get this kind of response from her, please take a deep breath, then exhale because she has just lied to you. The truth is that anything can make a lady lie, from evading a punishment, to asking for extra cash for snacks, or even inflating the selling price in order to use the mark-up for make-up.

7. Is that your father?

Now this would be the worse question to lie about, but some ladies often do. A lady from a poor background who pretends to be a rich man’s daughter will definitely deny her father, especially if he is old and is looking tattered. “No, that’s my uncle who just came in from the village, my dad isn’t back from the States yet”, she would say.

8. When was the last time you got laid?

More often than not, if she is a bit honest, she’ll say, “two years ago” or “nine months ago.” If you investigate her properly you might be shocked to find out what she has been doing on her bed everyday in the past seven days. Try not to take her answer hook, line and sinker, definitely there would be something untrue about it.

9. What did you have for breakfast?

Trust Nigerian pretentious ladies, they will never tell you eba, starch, or amala and ewedu soup. Often times, the response will be noodles, hamburger, chicken and chips, bread and tea, or just tea. She will tell you she’s watching her weight which majority of the time is a decorated lie to make you feel she is body conscious and a light eater. If you tease/tickle her long enough she might expel undigested starchy balls from her disturbed tummy.

10. Where do you stay?

A normal human being should not tell a lie in response to this question, but ladies often do and this makes it abnormal, not them though, but the habit. She will rather give you a fake address, a vague description or a detailed one of an enemy’s house.

11. Do you have enough money to pay for that drink?

This is like asking “should I pay for your drink?” Most Nigerian ladies do not have any intention to pay for their drinks when they are out on a date, so her answer will surely be NO, even if she has enough money to buy drinks for everyone in the room. She feels it will be an insult on your part for her to handle the bills. Besides, a lady has got to save every naira.

12. Are you pregnant?

As long as she is not married, the answer you will get for asking such an insensitive question will be a capital “NOOOO” garnished with a strong look of disgust. This question might make her stay away from you for a long while, and if she doesn’t come around after some weeks, she just might be in her first trimester of pregnancy.

Finally, we have come to the end of the twelve lying responses ladies often give. If you know any lady who has never lied about any of the above questions, send us her contact so we can congratulate her for being abnormal.

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