15 Tips To Boost Your Chances During First Date, 1-8 Is Very Important

First dates can be overwhelming. Streamline your focus into making the first few moment count.

1.Be on time.

This will in no small measure improve the situation.

2.Smile when you meet tour dating partner.

Smiles they say is contagious.

3.Do not show up with a friend without the other person’s notice and permission.

4. Be neat.

Clean your teeth carefully to avoid bad breath. Do not wear too much perfume it can be unpleasant.

5. Maintain good eye contact.

Wandering your eyes show lack of interest. However, excessive eye contact can be uneasy.

6. Be honest about yourself.

Do what comes natural to you instead of trying to do what you think will please your date.

7.Skip all talk about ex’s.

Do not compare your date with an ex. Avoid any details about your past relationship.

8.Pay attention to your date while he speaks. Avoid distractions from your cell phone or being fixated about your appearance. It makes your date uncomfortable.

9. Maintain good table manners.

Avoid noisy sipping or munching. Again, do not eat or drink excessively. It can cause good date to go bad.

10.Avoid long awkward silence.

Have some things already planned to talk about in case the conversation starts to get boring.

11.Offer to pay when the bill comes.

It’s common courtesy.

12. Put your make up in privacy.

13. Do not expect sex from the first date.

Don’t kiss unless he or she offers the right signal.

14.If possible, make sure your date leaves with a souvenir.

Give him something to remind him of you.

It can be gift, flower, written note e.t.c.

15.Have an open heart. You never know when you will meet your prince.

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