2 Important Things You Should Never Be So Desperate For In Life

To be desperate is to have a great need or desire for something. This may make an individual to do anything and everything possible to get whatever she/he is in need of.

Many people become desperate in life for various things. It may come as a result of peer pressure, jealousy, age and many other reasons.

One will be willing to do anything to accomplish his/her desire which may lead to regrets later in life.Here are two things you should never be desperate for in life;

1.Love and Marriage
Most people become desperate for love or marriage after being single for many years.One may also want to fall in love because her/his peers are doing so.

Being desperate for love may lead to choosing a wrong partner who may give you problems throughout your relationship.

Many people don’t always show their true picture when you meet for the first time or during your early days of dating. After engagement and marriage is when you will realise the true character of your partner.

Since being desperate may lead one to choose any partner, regrets may also arise later that you find yourself attracted to another person. This is when problems arise in marriage.

You should relax and calm down and wait for things to work out themselves. A great and a peaceful partner is there for you. Only time will tell.

2.Riches and fame
People desperately want to become rich and some in need of fame not knowing the implications that arises from this.

Being desperate for riches may make one to make poor decisions in life.Some may join a career that they don’t have passion for in order to be famous and become rich.However, happiness sometimes does not exist for them.

Many people have also gone to the extent of joining Cults and Ocults, Illuminati just to become famous and rich. The end result is unbearable though.

Be happy with your situation, follow your passion and the doors shall open for you.

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