3 Perfect Ways To Turn Down A Guy Without Sounding Rude

Saying no to a guy can become serious stress because you’re trying to spare his feelings.

Knowing how to say no to a guy without sounding rude is very important. Depending on how you handle it, you might either become tense around each other or build a lifelong friendship.

Every woman is allowed to say no to anyone, at any time, without any consequence. But for the sake of your conscience and his fragile heart, please be kind.

This is how to say no to a guy without sounding rude:

Say no from the beginning

Every lady loves attention and some ladies like to just keep a guy around to make them feel special. But this is wrong, if you don’t like a guy, let him know immediately.

Be direct 

Be direct about it, tell him you’re not interested in dating him. And if you want to be just friends make it clear enough for him to understand.

Communicate via text messages

Unless it’s a friend you’ve known for long and can trust, just text no. Some guys have a tendency to get angry when they’re rejected, avoid the drama. So just text him no and ignore everything that comes after that.

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