3 Reasons Why Some Guys Don’t Want To Date Virgins

1. The virgin stereotype 

This stereotype says that virgins are naive, ignorant dull, prude, have to be handled carefully, care-less about a man’s needs, too emotional, extra careful, play too hard to get etc.

Dating a virgin to many guys is a burden, someone you would have to encourage to do everything, someone you would have to beg to reach second base. Remember guys are physically moved. Virgins come across as choosy, love conscious and will rebuff a guy’s advances. Most guys would ask, “why the stress?”

2. The icing on the cake 

Most times a guy likes a girl and goes after her ‘aggressively’. During the ‘toasting’ stage, he is all about love and isn’t deterred when the girl tells him of her ‘virgin’ status. He is love-struck obviously. He tells her “I want you for who you are not for the ‘action’ ”. She’s like “awwwww, that’s so sweet of you Kelvin”. They start dating.

Did he mean it? Obviously.

Will he mean it in a few months time?

Capital No.

Guys think this far and ask themselves, “why the stress?”.

3. Super glue nature 

Most virgins are clingy 95% of the time. A girl kept her virginity for so long, the guy that takes it away has to be special to her and when he does, she never forgets him. A lot of girls get clingy and kinda devoted to the guy that takes her virginity.

So why would a guy in this economic recession be entangled with a girl that can’t stay away from him because she lost her virginity to him? He would ask himself, “why the stress?”

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