3 Simple Natural Ways To Remove Inner Black Thigh And Stretch Marks

Their have been so many misconception about inner thighs and stretch marks

The truth is that though this thing are natural they can be removed. besides inner dark tight comes from lack of wearing skin tight. that bus why it is mostly found in plumpy women

I have carefully stated out the three natural ways to remove them

1:Use clear cocoa butter as your body lotion,it reduce stretch marks and you can mix it with spirit if you like,you can see difference within two weeks, people who use it have popping skin,don’t use the same clear with spirit on your face use it in area in which you want it to act on

2:Aloe vera

They are the best natural treatment

Take a large size ,peel off the hard skin,rub clean your tight or where you want it to work

Leave for 30minute try this for 3 days


Rice is not only meant for cooking neither for growing the hair rice can remove your inner thighs in three days

Funny but true all you need to do is get your rice boil it and rub it in your thigh do this for three consecutive days you will see the results

4: Cucumber is also one of the most effective remedy for removing not just inner tight but also for removing dark thighs

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