4 Common Mistakes Every Woman Makes About Her Skin

Every woman wants to keep her skin youthful and radiant for as long as possible. Proper care is especially important after 30 years because at this age the facial wrinkles become noticeable and collagen production slows down.

Often in the pursuit of beauty, women make serious mistakes in face care. This fact cannot be ignored, because some of these shortcomings can lead to serious health problems.

1. Touching the face frequently:

Almost all unconsciously many times touch the face during the day. It turns out that this is a rather bad habit: microbes from the hands get on the skin, causing allergic rashes, acne, and even herpes.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists advise you to abandon the habit of propping up the chin with your hands – this may cause the appearance of folds, and then deep wrinkles. Touch your face only when washing!

2. Extruding blackheads:

Never crush acne! Pressure on inflammation causes pus to enter the blood vessels, which in turn helps spread the infection.

Traces of extrudes, as a rule, remain on the skin for life. In severe cases, blood poisoning is possible.

3. Leaving makeup at night:

Makeup left on the skin before going to bed, cosmetics creates a film that clogs the pores. This, in turn, provokes premature aging of the epidermis, the formation of inflammation and black spots.

4. The use of baby cream:

Such creams do have a safe composition, however, they are designed for baby skin that is not prone to increased sebum, acne, hyperpigmentation and other “delights” of the mature epidermis.

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