5 Main Phases Every Relationship Goes Through

While relationships are different in their own ways, there are stages that each couple undergoes.

1. Attraction phase

It is that phase that you often see in movies.

This is a phase where you experience countless butterflies in your stomach.

You often blush, your heart races, your palms sweat when you see your significant other. You’re in a deep state of euphoria.

You’re totally attracted to one another, everything is faultless and you can’t notice any flaw in one another.

2. Crossroads phase

Reality quickly kicks in this phase.

Your love glasses are suddenly off and you start having a more clearer view of things in the relationship.

You start being comfortable and real with each other, you begin noticing flaws in your partner, you spend less time with each other and also this is the stage where fights and arguments spark a lot.

3. Stability phase

This is the calm after the storm. You’ve clawed yourself out of a rough phase, now you’re in peace.

You’ve been through ups and downs in your relationships and so you know each other better and know how to handle crisis between you two.

4. Commitment phase

In this stage, you and your significant other choose to be and stick together in spite of everything.

Your significant other might have flaws but you still choose them no matter what.

This is the phase where big decisions such as marriage, meeting the parents, moving in together, having kids and so on are made.

5. Bliss

Everything is a bliss here.

All the sweat, tears and all the hard work you’ve put in your relationship finally pays off.

In this stage couples usually have goals and work together to accomplish whatever it is.

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