5 Problems Every Handsome Guys Face, Do You Agree With No 4?

Handsome is the act of a male having good looks. In our society today there are ugly boys, average and handsome boys. In review of 1-10, When a boy is said to be ugly the boy gets a review of 1-2, if a boy is said to be average looking the boy gets a review of 3-8 and if the boy is said to be handsome he will get a review of 9-10.

The reason why am saying this is because handsome boys pass through some problems in life such as:

1. People always think they are gay: this happens a lot in our society especially in USA, whenever a handsome guy is seen, People always tend to see them as gay because they are created perfectly, they dresses fine and they have good grooming. In our society People have grown with this mentality that only boys that are gay normally are handsome.

2. Women are too easy: a reader may be wondering why is this listed as a problem? It is a problem because boys are not really created to have good look as girls, For the handsome boys whenever they passes, girls normally admire them and always want you to be their crush. As a handsome boy it is a problem because every girl will want to be your friend, even those you like and don’t like.

3. Centre of attention: whenever a handsome boy goes to a gathering or party. He always causes attention people will start looking at him especially the ladies, if the handsome boy is a shy person he will always feel embarrassed.

4. Girls always see him as a player: A handsome boy is always seen as a player all the time. Girls always assume that they are Bleep boys (boys who only want to sleep with different girls) so it is very shameful to be seen as a player all the time by people.

5. Girls always feel so low around them: handsome boy don’t just date any girls because most girls will always hide from them due to fear of rejection. The first thing a girl hate in this world is rejection. Handsome boys normally gets girl who are very beautiful because it is only the beautiful girls that can come around them.

Don’t think that handsome boys life are perfect, They have their own problems.

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