5 Signs To Know The Kind Of Friends To Desert From

Sometimes people invest so much in other people whom they think they are their true friends when infect they are the real enemies. Here are some ways to identify fake friends and people whom you should stay away from

1 You can’t be yourself around them.

If you find yourself trying to be someone else when you are with people then they are not your friends. People are sometimes forced to act in a certain way probably like they have more money than they actually have to fit in into a certain type of group of people. If you ever find yourself in that situation it means those people are not your friends.

2 They constantly try to pull you down

Maybe you are excited about something you bought a new car or new clothes you decide to show your friend. Their comments are always associated with a “but”. They will always say it’s nice but… If your friends are constantly trying to pull you down they are not good for you.

3 They are always trying to compete with you.

It’s easy to see a friend who is trying to compete with you. It might not be the material things but even in talking. Maybe you have had a bad day you go to your friend and tell them about your bad day. They can reply saying you think you had a bad day mine was worse. They constantly try and make everything about them and don’t listen to you. It might be about good or bad things they will use any opportunity to make it about themselves

4 They joke saying mean things about you.

You might be around a group of people talking about your good experiences then your friend brings up a bad experience that happened to you in that same story. They might act like it’s a joke while hurting your feelings intentionally. Stay away from these type of friends.

5 They are always telling you about what other people are saying about you

If you have a friend who is constantly telling you about what other people are saying about you that friend I really toxic. The fact that other people feel okay bad mouthing you with her definitely means your friend also talks bad about you.

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