5 Signs To Tell If A Girl Is Crushing On You, No2 Is Accurate

Have you ever wake up a day and think anygirl or woman can ever crush on you or approach you? Yes it could happen girls do crush on guyz also ,its just that they are always shy to approach a guy or not confident at all and most of them do think crushing and asking a guy out will surely shows they are cheap or something else and which is not true at all.

If you love somebody just walk down to the person and say I LOVE YOU because there is no crime in loving at all ,so these are the five signs that proves that girl is surely crushing on you but can’t tell you:

1.Eye Contact:Whenever eyes contact is being make frequently or she always stare at you that surely means she is into you, so frequent making of eyes contact is the first sign that proves she is surely crushing on you

2.Laughter: if you both do talk before and if she do laugh at your dumb jokes or you say a sentence that is not funny at all and she laughs to it that means she is Into you ,she is crushing on you

3.She become more friendly to your families most especially your siblings: if she do get more closer to your families that surely proves she want to hang around with you knowing the type of family you are brought up of.

4.Hang out with her friends: if you do hangout with her friend you will surely get to know what she has told her friends about you and her friends might even tell you the truth about it,don’t just be surprised about that ,girls/women do keeps secret to the friends most especially college girls

5.Notice if she plays with her hair whenever she’s around you most especially when she s using her index finger to twist or curl the her hair she might actually be into you.

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