5 things to consider First when planning your wedding

Your wedding is the day you must have envisaged most in your life and as the day keeps drawing near, you can’t but imagine what the day will look like. Its fine that you plan ahead no matter what time it may be.

Wether or not you are to plan your big day, there are some factors you must place first. Being the bride or the groom, or even the event planner, you should consider making the best of the day for your self or your client.

Now, don’t forget that the most important thing about your wedding is the memories that it can keep or bring. What and how you feel when you reflect on that day even many years later. To keep these memories at its best, here are few steps you should consider !

Thinking of your wedding day?

When planning your wedding keep these at your fingertips.


The photographer should be first considered. The best within reach and cost should be booked first. The photographer should be a creative one with a good equipments and editing skills. They are virtually the ones who bring the great memories together. They are the ones who tells the stories after the event and even describes the event to those who didn’t attend the wedding.

If they go wrong, your entire wedding and memories is almost punctured. Sometimes I’ll consider getting more than one for weddings especially in this modern times where trends are important.

Photography should comes first even before you consider videography.


Remember that if the photographer should capture something stunning, you come first (the bride and groom). You are the center of the day and every other thing captured is all to compliment you. Your outfits should be the next considered after photography.

Some times it doesn’t really have to be expensive to look all glamming but if you can afford it, then why not?



Now, your location should come to play. Wether you’re making it an indoor or out door ceremony, it should be your choice. Let it be a place you can go check out tomorrow and smile because you did one most important thing there. Also where your photographer can explore with you.

Your decorations are what would be captured along side with you. There is a tendency that it can ruin your pictures if they are bad.


These are one particular thing so many people pay less attention to but remains very necessary. Your guests had a lot to do with their time, yet they honored your invitation, spent some money to look good, of course will spend some money on transportation, many of them will bring gifts along for you too. Your souvenirs go a long way to appreciate them.

Get good and befitting souvenirs. Also get special gifts for your bridal girls, grooms men, ring bearer, flower girls, brides maid, best man etc. Get for you Mums and Dads too.


5.  FOOD

As important as food May seem, it’s less important. WHY?. You can’t tell this to a typical African man tho (especially the Yoruba’s from Nigeria). Providing varieties and assorted food and drinks is beautiful of course especially when you have enough money to spend.

one fact remains that… there are always people who will tell you that they did not eat or were not satisfied.

Make sure first to keep your memories. The photographer can capture the available food and then of course, you provided good food as the story will tell.


Other things can come after these 5 important things.

Please let us get a review from you on this and let us know if you have any questions too. Drop a comment.

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