5 Top Herbs For Stubborn Acne According To A Skincare Expert

As an esthetician with over 8 years of experience treating the black skin and working with an online community of over 10,000 black people, I can confidently say that I have dealt with tons of acne cases and successfully treated hundreds of people

Since I am aware that when treating acne, just like any other skin condition, there is no one size fits all, I decided to show you my top 5 herbs that has really helped me over the years and are still very much helping me now

Aloe Vera; Funny how aloe vera is my number one herb and I am not talking about this herb because of it’s anti inflammatory properties but for it’s hydrating properties. A recent research that I carried out showed that many people who have acne are suffering from a damaged skin barrier which is largely caused by dehydration and because of this, when aloe vera gel is introduced into your daily routine, there is usually an improvement

Neem: popularly known as dogoyaro, comes in handy when dealing with micro organisms on the skin. Acne, among other things is a result of bacteria infection and neem helps to take care of this.

Bitter leaf: This may come as a surprise to many but I really do not know which I love more between neem and bitter leaf as I have had tremendous results using both to treat my clients. What stands out for me with bitter leaf is the fact that it helps to balance excess oil on the skin thereby giving rise to pores that are clean and free

Chamomile: I call this ‘the herb of gentlemen’ because of its soothing nature. If you have acne while still battling with sensitive skin, then you may consider using chamomile. it is soothing, calming, gentle, yet contains anti-microbial properties

Hibiscus; popularly known as Zobo, works as an exfoliant and also helps fade out hyperpigmentation. This herb is particularly effective when infused in water. so I always advocate that it be infused in rose water and used as a toner.

There you have it, the top 5 herbs for stubborn acne, feel free to try them out and enjoy an acne free skin

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