5 Types Of Women A Man Must Stay Away From, If He Wants To Live Long And Happy

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It could be the best thing to happen to anyone when the right things are done but sometimes marriage could be a doom, it could bring disaster and even send one to an early grave.

It has always been in the news of how married partners kill each other and sometimes I stop to think, didn’t they once love each other so badly? How can that beautiful love suddenly turn very sour?

Sometimes, the red flags are always there but we ignore them. Happiness and peace in marriage is essential, the absence of it could bring pain, loss etc

Here are 5 types of women to avoid if you want to have a happy marriage and live long.

A Nagging Woman:

Everyone has a limit to what they can take, and we are humans and may react badly to situations we don’t like but a woman who nags all the time should be avoided. Too much fights and arguments makes a relationship toxic. With too much fight, hate begins to come in and the line between love and hate is quite tiny.

A Financially Dependent Woman:

The best kind of woman a man can marry is one who is ready and willing to bring something to the table. A woman who is willing to work and also wants to also contribute, no matter how little it is. This will do a lot of good for you and even the woman, you will respect her and not see her as someone you are just housing and feeding.

A liar:

Every relationship should be built on solid trust. With trust, any marriage can stand the test of time. It will be hard to trust a woman who lies and this will lead to constant fight in the marriage, slowly, the marriage begins to crumble.

Spiritually Weak Women:

The prayer and tears of a woman is very important and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your children will need their mother’s prayer and even you will need your wife’s prayer. It is a great idea to marry a wife who will be able to assist you to bring your Children up in a Godly way.

Unsatisfied Women:

Avoid a woman who hardly gets satisfied. One day she may leave you for a man who will give her more money, more cars, more human hair etc.

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