5 Ways To Identify A Stingy Man. Number 4 Is Crazy

While some men are honestly broke, others are just a stingy lot who will hardly spend a coin on their woman. But on contrary, a few women agree that a man is better off broke.

Even though relationships are not about money, every boyfriend should feel obliged to pamper his girlfriend.

If your man has these traits, chances are he is definitely stingy;

1.He rarely buys you gifts

Being one of the five love languages, receiving gifts tells you that he definitely thinks about you. Come sun come rain, a stingy boyfriend will never get you a gift even if it’s your birthday. And the irony of it is that he will be glad to receive gifts from you shamelessly.

2. He doesn’t spend on himself

Sadly enough, some stingy men are equally mean to themselves. However much they earn you see them in a common clad just because they don’t want to spend. Even spending a few coins or a decent meal is such a problem to them.

3.Makes calls during odd hours

In fact stingy men make use of off peak hours. A stingy boyfriend will only call you between 10pm to 8 am when the call rates are way cheaper. But that is only if he has to call because he would rather text you, or ignore you as well.

4.He won’t give you unless you ask

A great man is one who checks on you once in a while to see if you got any financial constraints. If he feels that he needs to chip in financially, he will do it without you asking. But a stingy boyfriend will wait for you to ask for his help. And when you don’t, he will be happy that you spared his coins.

Worst of it, if you asked for cash he would certainly bargain.

5. Doesn’t spend on his family

He has millions in his bank accounts but his parents are languishing in poverty and his younger siblings are close to getting malnourished. If he is such a guy, chances are that he will never spend a cent on you either.

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