7 signs to know you’re getting married this year

Getting married for the wrong reason is as bad as marrying the wrong person. marriage is a life-time journey and it takes alot of hardwork to make it work. If you choose rightly your marriage will last a life-time.

Here are 7 signs to know you’re actually ready for marriage.

  • You are physiologically matured for it.
  • You are in a relationship and inlove with the person.
  • You’ve been nurturing the relationship.
  • You’re totally done with all your exes.
  • You’ve lived your own life and realized you are a complete, unique, special individual all on your own.
  • Your family and friends like your partner.
  • You are planning a marriage not a wedding. “Wedding is a day event and marriage is a life long journey”

There’s no neutral gear in marriage, overtime you’re either growing together or growing apart. Marriage is hard work make it work.

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