7 Types Of Relationship That Might Never Lead To Marriage, Number 2 Is Common

Not every relationship you enter would lead to marriage, some would last a while and then end up, some might even last a long time and still won’t lead to marriage.

Here are kinds of relationships that might never lead to marriage:

1.Relationships with no long term goals

In this relationship you and no partner might not really talk and fantasize about the future together. Obviously this kind of relationship will not lead to a marriage. You’re just living at the moment for now. What about the future?

2. Lust relationship

This relationship is solely based on sex, physical attraction. If you remove sex in the table the relationship might end or there’s nothing else to offer. This too, relationship might not lead to marriage.

3. Cohabiting relationship without future plans

Living in with your partner before marriage is really never a good idea and it doesn’t guarantee that it will lead to marriage. And you might feel used playing wifey too soon.

4. The pass time/ hobbies relationship

This kind of a relationship is mostly about sex, fun and pleasure. Although it’s can be pretty great to have fun with your man and lay in bed the whole day, we want that but relationships like this lack commitment and seriousness to walk down the aisle.

5. Experimental relationship

This type of a relationship lacks stability. One minute you break up the other you’ve gotten back with other. It has no direction or whatsoever.

6. Desperation or survival relationship

Desperation is not a good quality and it will definitely not lead to marriage because being desperate throws you in a bad light and shows your flaw which can make your partner feel edgy.

7. Validation relationship

This kind of a relationship is where one of the partners seeks other people’s responses and validation before approving anything. It won’t lead to marriage.

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