A Black and White wedding inspiration

  1. Have you thought of a wedding where the event,costume,is a touch of class,in black and white, i have always wanted to write on black and white wedding or at least attend one, the theme of a wedding is the reflection of the bride and groom personalities,why not add a style to your wedding, making it unique and classic, now lets go on a ride of black and white wedding event.
    Black and white White color symbolizes tenderness and purity, black – mystery and change. A strict and elegant combination is quite self-sufficient, but you can dilute it with other shades, such as red, orange, green or cold blue. So, consider these black and white wedding ideas and choose the best ones for your shooting. But before it, let`s consider some basic rules for making black and white wedding unsurpassed.

    The event where the chairs and table are decorated in black and white,Most often the basis for decoration is occupied by white color. Black serves as just a complement. Its task is to emphasize especially important moments and to ensure the playing of contrasts.
    When planning a wedding decor in black and white style, do not overdo it. That is an important rule. Your couple should try to stick to minimalism. Otherwise, there is a risk of creating a sense of gloom and sadness instead of luxury and elegance. Snow-white tablecloth with light black embroidery will be quite enough, for example. White sparkling dishes with black vases and napkins will be just perfect.

    Now lets talk about the cake, cake is special in all wedding, the colour it represents, by adding polka dots, checkers flowers or pinstripes, it will bring out the lighthearthed side of you.

    One of the most important, Your Dress, The Groom, a traditional black Tuxedo suit will work especially if the wedding dress is pure white, a white tuxedo with black pinstripes may compliment a white wedding dress with a black trim.
    The Bride, this is where your patterns or stripes come in, black and white bridesmaid dresses would do, go for lovely and simple patterns and you will be just fine.

    A few years ago, monochrome design would be considered as an avant-garde and definitely an awkward idea, because a black color is not considered to be the most suitable for a wedding. The combination of white and black colors is contrast and widely disputed, but surprisingly organic.
    This is an ideal pair, as these colors are known for complementing each other. Not without reasoning the famous symbol of Yin and Yang is made with the help of these tones. So, why not emphasizing the unity of the male and female principles and have a great photo shooting that will bring unforgettable wedding pictures.
    Without much ado, a black and white wedding would be exquisite, why not give a try, especially for people like me, who love black and white and also share my idea, a trial will convince you and others, thank you.

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