A Lavender Wedding

A lavender wedding is dominated with light purple and white.

Looking for something new for your wedding reception?

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Color codes and themes are always taken seriously in weddings, because colors have a stunning effect on people. You want guests to come to your reception and “ohhh”and ” ahhh” at your color combination?

You must pay close attention to the colors you pick for everything, from the tablecloth, to the Hall decoration or outdoor decoration, to the bridesmaids color, everything has to match, so you don’t hurt peoples eyes and ruin the experience.

We present to you the Lavender color combination. Lavender is light purple or purple mixed with white, it is soft and welcoming, so when guests arrive at your reception venue, whether outdoor or in a hall, they feel so at peace and relaxed.

Here are some ideas on creating a Lavender wedding.


Bouquets are sometimes chosen in a hurry and much attention is not paid to it, but that’s a wrong practice, as a bride as you pick your gown with care and attention to detail, you should do same for the bouquet.

Check out these lovely lavender bouquets



Next up is Decorations, this part is in more or less in the hands of the decorator hired for the event, but the bride should have a general idea of what she wants to see at her reception, colors, fabrics, and all that.

Here’s some beautiful ideas on that lavender look

Centerpieces are equally important, it’s part of the decoration too but it needs special attention here are some ideas


Cakes, hmmm, what’s d wedding without the cake?

You can ask your baker to incorporate a bit of Lavender.

Now let us take a look at lavender themed cakes

Such a beautiful color can guarantee that your wedding reception will be amazing.

Don’t be scared of trying something new.

Let us know what you think about having yourself a lavender wedding.

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