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What we offer..

Primeonline is here to serve you..

This platform was set up to make your little events dope and top notch especially on the wide screen of social medias. (Most especially on the south and east side of Nigeria)

Aside being a blog on :

Entertainment, celebrity gossips, fashion, trending wedding and marriage videos, we will be asking for the opportunity to be EVENT BLOGGER on your:

Weddings, traditional marriages, birthday ceremonies, house openings, business launching and the sorts.

We give you beautiful interviews that will keep your occassion a memorable one and you’ll keep looking back to it forever. We’ll be Your RED CARPET HOST on your big day and make sure we make your guests feel awesome. We’ll also take a gallery of your guests and their amazing outfits that you can look back to when your photobook is too far.

We’ll also bring alongside with us a beautiful souvenir properly cooked up for you in courtesy of primeonline.blog.

All these applies to all the Events (weddings, shows,other occasions) we are booked for.

STORY SERIES that will keep you glued and expectant for every episode will come your way from us.

INTERVIEWS from our clients and non clients also will be featured.

Interviews from couple before, on and after their big day

Interviews from long married couple

Interviews from bachelors and spinsters.. Yeah, let’s know how it has been.

Interviews on relationship matters

Interviews from the street (street comedy).

Prime online also have more future plans that will come to you soon

TeamPrimeonline is a group of like minded individuals who are ready to give you what they promised.

We hope that you are satisfied while trusting in us and we’ll work hard to serve you at our best.

Please don’t forget to follow us on instagram, facebook, Twitter and youtube @primeonline.blog

Our clients come first



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