Beautiful wedding colors

Weddings are occasions full of beauty and love. And one of the ways to make your day stand out is the color you choose for your day.

We have some gorgeous options for you to choose from for your special day.

First up is peach and green. Both colors are beautiful on it’s own and when they come together, they are beautiful

Next is blue and yellow. Shiny and beautiful, and extremely fitting because it suits both male and female.

Champagne gold and black and white. The champagne gold is a color that never goes out of style and is ever radiant.

Next up is Mint green and Silver, cool and beautiful colors that fit both the dark and fair skinned, so no one feels left out.

Gold and Pink is next on the list, these colors are so gorgeous and your day will surely glow. Your friends will thank you for the choice indeed.

Burgundy and champagne gold are royal colors. This combination just screams class and royalty, so you want to slay on your day?

This is a green light for you

Red and Gold are popular choices fir weddings but no matter how often we see it, it never gets old.

This combination will always rock.

Another Royal color combo is Royal blue and Silver. Gorgeous for both bride and groom. And your guests and asoebi train can rock this combination in any number of ways.


Purple is a unique color that goes with a lot of other colors to create magic for you on your day. Purple and silver, purple and black, purple and gold.

This is a color that will not go out of style when you look back on your day years down the line

Last but not the least on our list is Orange and Green, both beautiful colors that can also stand alone and when combined will blow your mind any day.

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