Bridal Shower Fun Tips

The Bridal shower is the brides fun time with her squad after all the rigorous wedding planning, preferably the day before the big day.

This time with the girls is usually planned by the chief bridesmaid and the rest of the squad, but in some cases, the bride is also a part of the planning process.

So we are here to help reduce the thinking load for you girls.

It’s all about having fun, so first things first is to choose a venue that offers just that. Maybe start the day early with some good massage and body treatments, pedicure and manicure for everyone, with champagne and other refreshments on the go.

Getting a chauffeur is a great idea, in case everyone has too much fun.

Here we present different Bridal shower ideas that you can incorporate into yours.

Corporate look for bridal shower

These ladies look really smart and classy if you want to go for the career lady look, this is a definite go..

The playful look

Sleepover/ Pyjamas Look

This is one popular look, everyone in their p.j’s having fun.

Ankara /African prints Look


Beach side look

Want to have fun by the beach side? We also have something for you.

Picking the pool side or beach side is wholly determined by the weather though. Don’t do this unless it’s the dry season, so the rain doesn’t mess up your plans. Don’t forget the sunburns too.

Bridal showers are definitely not restricted to these but, these should give you an idea.

Fun Snacks and Chops

Don’t forget to plan for the food, so your squad won’t come and starve, there should be snacks provided, and don’t be dull, put together something creative.

Ice cream, champagne, cocktails, and the rest are totally necessary, so plan for them. Remember that the bridal shower is the brides fun time with her squad so don’t be dull.

Gift bags

As a thank you to your girls you could package a gift bag, containing products that might come in handy for them and they will appreciate.

Thanks for reading, please tell us what you think.

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