Check Out Some Of The Secrets Men Keep Away From Their Women

Every man has secrets kept close to his chest. Remember they are also human beings and not angels in heaven. Most people have the notion that it’s only women who keeps secrets. Ladies take it from me your man has hidden secrets that he will never open up easily to let out. Let all the ladies be decived, some men are equally secretive.

Here are some of the secrets most men keep:

Money secrets

How they Feel About a lady

Some men may appear to be very composed yet they are not

The friends they keep especially with the opposite gender

Their ATM card and phone passwords

Their bedroom fantasies and sex life

Their family background

Their fears

Their temper

Their Work

Whether or not they are attracted to some of your friends

Whether or not they still have feelings for their ex

Whether they had previously been cheated on or dumped in a previous relationship.

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