Common Skin Issues Men Face And Their Solutions

Most men tend to ignore their skin, but as the importance of men skincare routine gets more relevant, here are some of the main skin problems men face and some solutions.

Have we ever sat down and thought that in the humdrum of the regular, mundane life we forget the most important thing: taking care of ourselves. Self-care is highly important and highly underestimated. As we grow older, our skin, hair, and body starts declining. Wrinkles, pimples, loose skin, hair fall are just some of the problems that starts as you grow older. While both females and males tend to ignore their skin and body, men self-care is underestimated and not frequently practiced.

Your skin undergoes several challenges in a day, and if you do not prep it up, it may not be fully ready. Your skin has to deal with pollution, direct sunlight, harmful UV rays, infection, sweat amid other factors. So, it is of high importance that you start caring for your body. And as the winter settles, you have to make sure that your skin does not dry out and start cracking.

For all men, who are tired of skin problems but do not have time at their disposal for a skincare routine, here are 5 most common problems men face with their skin and the solutions.

Oily skin

One of the most common problems men face is with their skin being too oily. Sebum production is naturally higher in men’s skin, as opposed to women’s, and hence men suffer more from oily skin problems. To make sure you remain free from oily skin problems you can use moisturisers that will control sebum production. Even if your skin type is indeed oily, moisturisers will benefit it too.


No, acne is not just a teenage problem. Grown-up men too have acnes and they are quite annoying! High levels of humidity, stressful situations as well as sweating cause acne. Apart from maintaining proper hygiene, washing your face twice a day, if the problems of acne continue you must-visit a dermatologist.

Issues with shaving

Men face a lot of issues post and pre-shaving. Dryness, cuts, shaving-aggravated flare-ups or bumps. If you are too casual about your shaving you can leave long-term negative effects on your skin. Make sure your sterilize your razor, change blades regularly. If you have razor bumps, you can apply a little bit of aloe vera to soothe your skin.

Dark circles

Men too suffer from baggy eyes and dark circles and it can be a huge deterrent for your date or that presentation you have been prepping up for. If you are stressed at work and don’t get enough sleep, your skin will start showing the side effects. Even bad eating routines or eating junk can cost you. Healthy eating habits and a lot of water would improve the quality of your skin. Also maintaining a proper sleep cycle is important if you want healthy skin.

You can also spare some time for yourself and make some easy face packs at home.

Dry skin

While some suffer from excess oil on their skin, there are many who have dry skin. The coupled effect of heat, sunlight, work pressure, stress and environmental factors may result in you having dry skin. Dry skin leads to irritation, skin breaking amid the many problems. A fixed skin-care routine that involves applying moisturiser at regular intervals is a must-follow routine for every man with dry skin.

Also, make sure you consume loads of water all thoughout the day.

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