Don’t Do These Things To Someone You Really Love

Love is a strong feeling be it any form, wiether your parents, sinblings, spouse but generally your love ones.Here are five things you must not do to someone you love especially your spouse to save your relationship.

1: DON’T HIDE ANYTHING FROM HIM/HER– This is one of the major reason while relationship breaks, it breeds the mindset of cheating.It makes your spouse feel bad, sometimes him or her feel like as close as both of you there certain things you still keep to yourself.To save relationship learn not to hide things from your spouse especially if he or she is really interested in it.

2: DON’T JUDGE HIM/HER TO OTHERS-The reason many marriages have problems today is because of the introduction of outsider into the marital affairs.Women are likely to fall in this category and many men don’t like it so stay away to save your relationship.

3: DON’T REFUSE ANYTHING HE OR SHE GIVES YOU– Accept everything given to you with love and appreciation for one key to unlock doors for more love and joy.

4: DON’T STAND AGAINST HIM/HER IN ANY WAY– Always be supportive to your spouse no matter what, do the this he or she does, like let his or her yes be your yes and vice versa.If you love someone you always be for that person think about mother’s love to her children and household.

5: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEARD- To save your relationship learn to seek before action to save your relationship from breaking.

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