FOR MATURED MEN: Perfect Ways To Win A Woman’s Heart

There are men who find it difficult to propose a woman. The problem lies within men. But some men out there knows all the strategies and ways to win women’s heart. This a reason whereby you will find prestige women dating ordinary men. Sometimes it becomes strange to other people seeing wealthy women dating just guys. They tend to talk all sorts of bad words about those kinds of relationships.

Here is what hold man back


Most men are traumatizing by fear before they could make a move. Afterwards they can’t say what’s in their heart. But they will beat around the bush until that particular women excuse themselves from them.


Weak men still prone to this behavior. Instead of going they to win a woman’s heart then they start to entertain this kind of behavior. They will create imagination about those women and even convince themselves wrongly.


Men tend to lie to themselves. They gauge those women and approach them with attitude. In turn when a proposal went wrong they blame it to women.

Here is how to win women

Be yourself

Men do not pretend to be who you are not. Women are good on noticing such act. You will no longer able to proceed with your proposal the moment they catch you.


You have to know that women have a pride and mostly they want men to dance to their tune before they could accept you. The moment men fail to be persistent they won’t win them. Women need assurance and conviction about love.

Be Alpha Man

Women need men who are not men by mistake but by nature. They need men who have life, men who make possibilities not crying and complaining.

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