FOR MEN: Five Romantic Ways To Seduce A Woman

Seducing a woman has never been so hard until you run out of ideas. I’m here to ensure you never run out of ideas to please a woman.

In this piece, we are learning some of the simple ways to convince a woman to crazily fall in love with you. Here we go;

Send her random texts

She might be so used to you but do not take that for love. It takes an extra step to make her fall for you. If you notice that she is starting to get so used to you then what you need to do is start sending her random sweet texts.

Note that that you have to do this while expecting nothing in return. Expectations hurt, you know it. Random sweet texts are appealing to every woman.

Share varying and specific complements with her

Compliments make women feel on top of the world meaning they can’t be an exception to this topic. Do not just compliment her sweet smile from Sunday to Sunday.

Switch to her classy sense of fashion, how she walks, how she reasons. Make it look mature so it doesn’t look like flirting.

Always look good when meeting her

It’s called physical appearance. It matters a lot when it comes to making a woman fall for you. Does she love it when you wear some fine look? Do it as often as you can but not the same clothe.

Wear her favourite cologne of yours that she likes any time you are getting together.

Invite her over to do what she likes

If you choose to invite her over, plan on doing something you both like or what she likes. If it is movies, watch the kind that she likes, do chores that she likes together.

Help her with what’s burdening her or what she cares about. The little things you ignore are what could make her fall for you.

5. Try flowers

A reasonable woman would never reject a man’s flower even if she is married. Flowers are precious to women more than men can ever imagine.

So whenever you are meeting her, carry with you some roses and make the presentation look like a surprise.

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