FOR MEN: Five Words You Should Never Say To Another Man’s Wife

To Compliment other people especially women is a good thing to do, it makes them feel special, And they will love you in return.

However, do you know that some words or compliments can lead to a serious trouble?

Information is power and you can avoid some unnecessary embarrassments and harassment if you are well informed.

In this article, I will highlight five words or phrases that you must never say to another man’s wife no matter how tempted you are to say it.

These words might look like a compliment but the husband of the woman you are complimenting might take it to mean something different and might even punish you for it.

Better still, it is advisable not to say these words to any married woman at all, whether the husband is there or not.

Imagine telling a woman that she is Curvy, Skinny or Dirty in front of her husband. Definitely, The reaction is not going to be friendly at all.

Here is the complete five words you must never say to another man’s wife:

1. S3XY: Example: madam you look s3xy.

This Word will only sound good and acceptable when you say it to your wife or your girlfriend. Saying it to another man’s wife is wrong. It will look like you’re trying to flirt with her.

If you say this word to a woman and her husband is there, you might not like the way he will react.

In order to avoid any embarrassments, It is better to say, hello madam you look good.

2. BUSTY: example, madam you look busty.

This word is usually used to describe a woman with big apples. You might take it to be a compliment, but to the woman and her husband it will sound offensive. It means you’re paying too much attention to her body and it can cause serious reactions from the husband of the woman especially.

3. CURVY: example, madam you look curvy.

This word also indicate that you’re paying too much attention to the woman’s bodyx and it might lead to serious reactions that is unexpected.

Better still, just say madam you look good.

4. DIRTY: for example, madam you look dirty.

This word ordinarily sounds abusive. The woman will feel embarrassed and the husband will feel ashamed. It is not a good word to say. Please don’t say anything at all.

5. SKINNY: example, madam you look skinny.

This word also implies that you are spending too much time observing the woman’s body. It is better not to say anything.


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