For Men & Women: 3 Main Laws Of A Good Relationship

1. Discover the real person inside the lovely body.

Sometimes, acid could be found inside a very beautiful container.

Note that the real person is inside the body, so you must not be carried away by the outward features to the detriment of your true knowledge about the person. (Prov. 31:30, PS 39:11)

Bodily features change with respect to time and circumstances.

The initial stages of a relationship could be so exciting that we get carried away and get caught in the unreal world of fantasy.

Don’t always forget that some very dangerous folks live in attractive bodies.


How well do you know who you want to marry?

What is his or her elastic limit?

What is his or her weakness and strength?

What is his or her level of adaptability and tolerance?

What is he or she addicted to?

What are his or her secrets?

How durable can his or her positive characters be?

What kind of person is he or she likely to become in five to ten years time?

These and many more questions must be honestly answered for proper and thorough examination.

Adequate knowledge of the person keeps you very prepared for the challenges of the relationship.

You become adaptable to whatever you are pre-equiped for.

Study them carefully to be sure they are ideal partners in destiny and if they are worth having and spending the rest of your life with.

2Tim. 2:15.


Being married is not a sine qua non for the measurement of success in life.

Marriage is lovely but being married doesn’t make you a fulfilled person automatically.

Marriage gives you an additional responsibility and not a free meal ticket.

DESPERATE people often end up at the junction of frustration and confusion.

Don’t be in a hurry!

Nature of desperate people

– They always feel behind time.

– opportunity comes but once is their daily song.

– They always refer to married friends, colleagues, or peers.

– They have no choice.

– They just want to bear the Mr/Mrs. title behind their names.

Please don’t be in a hurry!


Relationship is a farm, you get harvest from only planted seeds.

Gal. 6:7

A relationship of two lutters is like an empty field.

You want to reap from where you have not sown, you are simply a thief.

You want love, give love.

Don’t build your relationship on what you expect from your partner, build it on what you are willing to invest.

Successful people are architects of their own joy, but failures live at the mercy of others.

Good relationship is a union of two investors not parasites.

My best can inspire you to live at your own best.

Lazy partners joblessly cry over other people’s weakness but matured partners improvise solution by putting up character that will lighten up the weak link.

Don’t be the weak link.

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