Herbal Tea For The Body And Skin Purification

Herbal Tea 1 (For those who already have regular bowel movements)

Take in the middle of the meal a teaspoonful of the powder of cailcédrat or khaya senegalensis or mahogany tree.

NB: the powder of the cailcédrat is a good astringent that tightens the tissues and eliminates fats.

Herbal tea 2 (For those who already have regular bowel movements)

Boil 200 grams of cailcedra bark in two liters of water for 15 minutes, let cool and filter. Drink half a glass in the middle of the meals.

Herbal tea 3

Products: 200 grams papaya roots + 7 lemons (cut each lemon in half)

Preparation: Add 2 liters water and boil everything for 10 minutes.

Directions for use: Drink a glass of twice a day, away from meals

Herbal tea 4

Products: 200 grams cailcedrat bark + 100 g senna leaves + 200 grams quackgrass roots + 2 liters water.

Preparation: Boil everything for 10 minutes, preferably leave in the pot.

Directions: Drink half-glass in the middle of meals. Water each time and boil once a day You can add the juice of a ripe lemon every time you take it.

NB: Herbal tea 4 is a sovereign remedy against obesity and It purifies the blood and the body of toxins, everyone should use it once a quarter because the body is always loaded with toxins, the main cause of all diseases.

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