Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Add More Fun To Your Life

Do you feel overwhelmed in your life?

Can you remember the last time that you had a huge, belly laugh?

When was the last time you stopped and had some fun?

You may have heard the saying, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” I submit that desperate times call for FUN MEASURES. When our life gets hectic and busy we often forgo fun and play. The National Institute for Play (NIP) believes that play can dramatically transform ourpersonal health, our relationships, and theeducation we provide our children.

Additionally, the University of Denver’sCenter for Marital and Family Studiesresearch finds that the amount of fun couples have together is the strongest factor in understanding overall marital happiness. The more you invest in fun, friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will be over time. The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high and significant.

Here are 5 ways to have more fun in your life…

Make it a priority. When something is a priority, we make room for it in our lives. We place it on the calendar. If it has to be rescheduled, we quickly do so. Fun should be one of those things. Fun bringsemotional, physical, and relational benefits to your life which include boosting the immune system, fostering empathy and promoting a sense of belonging and community. Discover what you find fun. What is fun for you may not be fun for others. That’s ok. This time is about enhancing your life, not a time to keep up with Joneses. If you like trivia, find a live trivia game. If you like puzzles, get the biggest one and go for it.Be creative and adventurous. Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Try something that you have always wanted to do like go paddleboarding or kayaking with a group of friends. Start an herb garden for your window. Sharing fun with friends and family.Once you have found what you find fun,then it’s easy to find what you can enjoy with friends and family.  It could be taking a family hike in a park. Having breakfast for dinner with friends. Making cookies for first responders. Whatever it is, do what you find fun and it may even bring joy to others.Become a Fun Ambassador. Now that you and your family have recognized the power of fun, pass it onto others. Sharing the positive impact of spending time with friends and family encourages others to do the same. Fun is CONTAGIOUS.

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