Here Are The Reasons Why Your Skin Is Getting Dark

Dark skin is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful skin colours the world has ever seen, but then not taken good cared of, it tends to get darker instead of shinny

Reasons why your skin might be getting darker includes:

1. Your skin might be new to natural skincare products because you are probably used to using products with steroids (you might not have used it intentionally but you know many brands claim there are organic or natural, yet they use steroids which is not good for our skin in the long run and that is why it is good to do proper research on skin care products before using them.

2. Your skin might be adjusting to the new product so far it is the best for your skin type and what your skin needs because most times, what we want might not be what our skin needs. So the best thing is to be consistent, get the proper skin care product for your skin and see your skin colour pop back.

3. You are use to bath water treated with chlorine.

4. Excess melanin production; this usually occur in light skins and that is why you need product with ingredients that will help to inhibit the production of melanin. Also, this is why some products are not recommended for dark skins.

5. Stress is another factor. Lack of good sleep and change of environment can make your skin darker.

6. Improper use of skin care products; wrong use of these skin care products and that is why it is important to follow instructions and do it right for effectiveness.

7. Over exfoliating or lack of exfoliation and that is why it is impossible to use a scrub at most three times in a week and for the face, at most two times in a week.

8. And lastly, not using a sunscreen is a major factor why your skin is getting dark. Aside the fact that it is important to protect your skin against sun rays, you might also be using a product that contains ingredients that might lighten your skin and when using such product, you must make sure to always use a sunscreen. Also note that the fact that you have a dark skin does not mean you do not need a sunscreen.

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