Homemade Remedy To Get Smooth And Tender Face Skin

Our face form a vital part of our life. Many people judge others just from the look of your face. It will surprise you to know that some people will just hate you from the look of your face. Imagine a situation where you have a rough skin face full of pimples, even your friends will ignore you. They will even not want to be around you.

Having a rough face skin more so lowers one self esteem. Especially female gender. Many ladies and girls feel ashamed to have a rough face and will always work hard to have the best smooth and tender face. Unfortunately, in the process, some use chemicals that end up destroying their faces later.

Recently, men have not been left behind. Gone are the days when having a rough face was a show of manhood. Nowadays men like having a smooth and tender skin which makes them attractive.

Buying face whitening solutions may be very expensive to many people. But imagine using a home made remedy to change your face completely? I guess this will be very helpful.

Home made remedy to gain smooth and tender face skin.

The home made remedy that will not affect your skin totally is using face scrub.

I know many know face scrub solutions at home include flour and face scrub bought from shop which are very cheap.

The trick here is to use the correct procedure at outlined bellow.

First apply face scrub on your face and using your hands, scrub your face until the solution can no longer be felt on the face.

Second, wash your face with warm water using a face towel.

The important part here is that you must do this each morning for three days per week.

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