How to deal with Pre-wedding Stress

How do we deal with pre-wedding stress?

In the hassle of preparing for the big day, it is inevitable to feel stressed out and sometimes even depressed, all the shouting, bargaining, consulting, caterer wahala, tailor disappointment, decoration coordination and so on… All these plus family palava will definitely stress a saint and we are human so wedding preparation equals stress.

So, here are a few tips on how to deal with the stress. Tested and trusted.


No matter the religion you practice, you need to seek divine intervention and direction, it sure helps to avoid some pitfalls and all.

Meditation helps the mind relax and that also helps destress…

Support Group

Have a support group of friends/family who you trust around you at every step, so you don’t have to make decisions alone and stretch yourself too much.

Delegate duties to them , so that you can have time and energy for other important stuff, don’t try to do everything by yourself, trust me you’ll mess it up.


Create time to relax and have fun preferably with your partner,or friends. Even better set a spa day or two.

Find fun things to do and don’t be too skimpy, I know it’s a financially taxing period but please have fun…

Spend quality time with your spouse not just planning the wedding but enjoying each others company.

Above all get a wedding planner


This cannot be over emphasized, get a professional wedding planner, because the stress will automatically reduce like marginally reduce.

The planner will ensure that all you need to do is show up for the big day. Wrinkle free

Thanks for reading, hope you practice this tips and save yourself the stress of stressing yourself out.

Share some tips that helped you if it’s not listed here.

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