How To Make Papaya Oil That Will Lighten Your Skin And Get Rid Of Your Skin Problems

Papaya popularly called Pawpaw is a delicious fruit enjoyed by many, it has a sweet taste and packed with lots of nutrients. Their are so many benefits gotten from eating papaya, some includes;

1. It boost the immune system.

2. It helps in digestion.

3. Prevents asthma.

4. It helps the bone.

5. Reduces inflammation.

Besides the health benefits of eating papaya, it also contains certain properties that is very beneficial to the skin and hair.

One of the most popular ingredients in most body products is papaya, that is because it contains natural properties that can help get rid of skin problems and lighten your skin quickly.

Different beauty products can be made with papaya, from the comfort of your home, these products include;

a. face mask

b. soap

c. oil

d. scrub.

In this article, we would be learning how to make papaya lightening oil.

We would be looking at two different methods in making this.

First method:

You would need;


any carrier oil of your choice.


Wash your papaya thoroughly and transfer to a tray.

Cut the papaya into half and chop into small pieces. (do not Peel out the skin of the papaya and do not throw away the seed of the papaya).

Pour the chopped papaya into a blender and blend to form a fine paste.

On a low heat, put a pot on your stove or gas.

Pour in your carrier oil and pour the papaya paste into the oil.

Stir continuously and leave on for 10mintues, before bringing it down.

Using a sieve, separate the oil, from the papaya shaft.

When the oil has gotten cold, transfer into a bottle.

The second method of making this is;

Wash and chop your papaya into small pieces.

Blend the papaya, to form a good paste.

In a plate, pour in your carrier oil and your papaya paste.

Put water in a pot, and allow to start heating up.

once the water has heated up, put in the plate, that contains the papaya and oil, Leave in for 15mins, so it boils with the water.

After 15mintues, bring it down and sieve out the oil, from the papaya shaft.

Once it gets cold, turn it into a bottle.

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