If You Notice Any Of These, Your Guy Is Definitely Cheating On You

Phone locking

If you’re in a relationship with your partner and he doesn’t want you to know his passwords, he is definitely cheating on you. Most of the cheating guys put phone lock passwords on their phone to avoid their partners from getting into their phones. In most cases if someone doesn’t have anything to hide, there is no reason to put on a password which your lover doesn’t know.

Sometimes phone passwords can not necessarily mean that he is cheating but for security reasons in case the phone is lost but if it gets worse to the extent that every application in the phone has a password, he is definitely cheating on you.

Hiding WhatsApp status or profile pic

Most cheating partners hides their WhatsApp statuses and profiles in order to change pictures of different ladies.

The moment he put a different lady other than you, he hide WhatsApp profile to you but displaying it only to those who doesn’t know you including his other partner. If you see this happening, you must be aware he might be cheating on you

Putting his phone on silent

Be careful if his phone is always on silent when he is close to you. He is probably avoiding to get calls from other partners in front of you and will always have to call them back when he moves away from you. My sister, if you see this happening, watchout he might be probably seeing someone else.

Hiding last seen on WhatsApp

Sometimes if you’re are not staying together, he might hide his last seen on WhatsApp so that when he sneaks around and flirt with his secret lovers at night you will not realize it in the morning when you work up. Always check out if he is doing that to you, he might be cheating on you.

Erasing call records and all messages

Many times if a guy is cheating, he make sure that he delete all records from his phone except for a few which he knows the other partner knows about. Always watch out and see if he is doing this, he’s not freeing up space on his phone he’s probably cheating on you.

Refusing video calls

If you try and call him with a video call and he rejects it he is probably busy with another woman and can’t let you see him live unless there is a challenge with network where he might be, so don’t be quick to judge. Keep trying till you are so sure of the reason why he can’t take video calls.

These are some of the things cheating partners do but there are so many. Please comment below and give some of the things cheating partners do which you know or have experienced in life.

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