LADIES: 3 Simple Tips To Make Him Worry About Losing You

If your man never experiences any fear or worry of losing you he will never fall deeply in love with you. Let me say it in a different way, if he never worries that you could leave him or that he could lose you he will never value and appreciate and love you the way that he should. So if you’re feeling taken for granted or he’s not really showing you the love and attention that he once did.

Here are the 3 tips that will make him worry about losing you and turn things around for your relationship.

1- Control your anger and stop talking about feeling unappreciated.

This one is difficult to do but absolutely essential so let me explain when you feel like he’s taking you for granted or that he doesn’t appreciate you it’s natural to feel hurt and even angry about it and it makes sense that you would want to talk to him about it and sometimes that’s enough to temporarily turn things around. However, if things don’t change continuing to bring up your complaints might actually make things worse. So, you must not bring this topic up again.


How you’re feeling you must not let him know that you’re upset or sad or worried instead after you do these steps he’s going to be the one missing and appreciating you and he will bring it up himself.

2- Glamorize your looks

When in a relationship, it’s common for people to get so comfortable that they let their appearance fade. If this resonates with you it’s time to start glamorizing the way that you look when you’re with him and when you’re not with him. So, dress well and look your best he’s going to notice when other men are paying more attention to you. That’s going to remind him that other men find you attractive.

It’s so important for you to look better for you to look different and he’s going to question if it’s because you want to be attractive to other men and again this is going to provoke just a little bit of fear that someone else could hijack you.

3- Be willing to walk away

You must be willing to walk away from someone and something if it isn’t working. You can’t lie to yourself or bargain with yourself that although he isn’t really what you’re looking for that he will change or that things will get better. Believe me they won’t and if anything they will only get worse. In addition, in order for him to really appreciate you he needs to experience this fear of loss essentially the fear of losing you.

This fear will be even greater if you’re at your best self because this type of fear is in fact rooted in love. When you really like someone, you want them to know how valuable and important the relationship is and you want to know that your feelings are being reciprocated so you treat them with as much affection and consideration as you can and that is exactly how you should be treated in return don’t settle for anything less

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