LADIES : 6 Things Men Hate Hearing From Their Women

A woman can irritate a man unknowingly by saying some things which cut deep into a mans heart,some of this things are;

1.’I don’t want to be your mother’,

men hate it when women mention their mothers in a midst of crisis between the two,if your man has not arranged a room,tell her politely and don’t mention his mother,

2.’The children are watching you’,

this could be right but telling your man this before his children undermines his ego .

3.’Never mind ,I’ll do it myself’,

this hurts a man ego ,it’s sends a negative message that he is incapable of doing anything, it is good to allow a man to be a man in every way possible

5.’Man up’,

confronting a man with this words hursts his ego,the information he gets from this is that he is a Sissy

6.’I can’t live without you’,

a woman saying this words will make a man run away ,the man understand the woman to be the clingy type.

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