LADIES: Check Out Reasons You Should Never Trust A Man No Matter How Much You Love Him

Here’s Why You Should Never Trust A Man Even If You Love Him So Much

Men will always be men no matter what but hey! it does not mean there are no good men out there…

Men oftenly tend to make promises they will not keep. They will tell you all sweetest things and give you all the world just to impress you and make you smile but in the end you will be disappointed just to find that the world you have been given is empty, just water and dessert.

Men will assure you how committed they are in your relationship, they are just good pretenders. You can be having full trust on him depending on how dedicated he is getting attached to you. But trust me, if there was one creature to receive Grammy Award for this, men were the ones. Its not that they are much committed, most of the times they just feel good being around you and being in a relationship even when it is considered non futuristic to them.

Men make you feel loved and special in your presence and forget you just a second they have stepped out, every moment you had vanishes.

Men will sleep with you and enjoy your intimacy while having another girls picture on their mind. They will front to have pleasure with you yet they were fantasizing the act with another girl by just using your body. Even after intimacy dont think you have owned him, when he leaves that bed, you never know he will come back or not.

Men do not always have you on their mind, their friends and favorite sports or hobbies are. You can think he is thinking about you even when you are in the same place staring at each other, you cant understand how their brains are wired, their mindset departs in just a second, they can stare at you while thinking about something not even related, just much far away from you.

Men will never disclose their financial status if they do not consider you their wife-to-be, rather, if you are lucky enough you will just be their baby mama but still you will not have the right to know his cashflow.

They act as a husband in relationship and give you hope that even if they intentionally or accidentally impregnant you, they will be there for you. Well, you will be surprised how quickly the U-Turn is performed by them during such situations, it becomes so overwhelming on them and suddenly the daddy-daddy thing disappears, they are just so unpredictable.

Men will never tell you whether your character pleases them or not. For someone you want to build a family with, its very important to be open with each other and tell which is right and wrong. But men expect you to notice by yourself and if you dont, they will disappear like wind in the air. If they want to make you a wife, in the relationship its an ideal place to start organizing and preparing each other and better communication between both is advized.

Men tend to compare you to other women but you never notice and they will never tell you. In their mind they already made up who and what kind of woman they prefer to marry, and when they dont find those qualities in you, they will stay in that relationship just to pass time.

Not all men are the same, but they think the same, please study a man before you give all of you to him, we dont want you brokenhearted and say we didnt tell you.

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