LADIES: Check Out Some Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t Serious About You

Are you dating someone and are concerned about his intentions towards you? Sadly, a large number of guys will use your feelings and openness for the sake of their own purposes. And they share no interest in getting serious and finding love.

So how to can you be sure that your boyfriend is serious enough about you? Here are 5 behavioral signs to look for.

He never truly shows interest in what you are doing
If a guy does not seem to take the initiative to win your heart, then you should be on alert.

It takes a self-respecting man who offers you attention and will never let you feel abandoned, ignored or unheeded in any way. And he will never act superficial or distant with you, if he takes the relationship seriously.

He may avoiding a deeper connection by getting cold feet, or sweeping the conversations about relationships under the rug. And he doesn’t at least offer to pay for dinner once in awhile.

You see, all of these show you his difference or indifference. And, these are things that show up early on in the relationship. Think back to the times when you first started communicating. Did he call you every day? And did he text you just because you wanted to communicate and he showed no true desire? Did he flirt? And did he make you laugh? These are the things that clearly indicate whether your crush is really ready to break his plans and preferences for you.

He doesn’t get jealous but you do
If your boyfriend does not get jealous about you talking to handsome strangers and exchanging phone numbers with them, then this should be one more sign that he does not care. That means he is ok with you having the freedom to choose between him and other guys. Which really means that there are no instincts driving him envious, as well as no fear about losing you.

Instead, he openly chats some girls up, compliments other women and even tells you how appealing his female friend or colleague are.

Remember this, once he excitedly talks about someone else and makes you jealous, it can’t be considered a healthy relationship anymore. It does not matter whether it is done for reviving romance, passion or any other purposes. The thing is that two well-conscious people will never stoop to pathetic flirt, and messages just to light up some fire in a couple. If your partner provokes jealousy in you, it is time to understand he is not serious at all.

He wants only physical contact with you
When it comes to some intimacy in a relationship, it is much easier to reveal the guy’s true interests. If you notice that eye contact is rare, touches and hugs are not genuine, words of intimacy are banal, then all he really wants is just sex. It has nothing to do with energy or feelings shared but just hormones or high libido fulfilled, and that’s it. The man who does not attempt to get attached emotionally will never have any interest to declare.

The following case might be as such: he just calls you once in a while, gets you drunk and goes down on you. If you refuse to sleep with him he gets irritated like never before and all his gentle and passionate charm goes away. For some men, you are just another conquest and a great addition to his already existing status. And that is just one more piece of evidence of his disinterest in you as a person, and he is not treating you as a lover.

If you find this situation very familiar, there is a high chance he just hooking up for only physical attachment. And that is not enough for a sustainable and happy relationship.

He argues and doesn’t compromise
If you face the problem when your boyfriend argues with everything you say or do, then it might be also a red flag for you. Moreover, it might be the beginning of a dead-end. What is meant by this is once your quarrels become a routine thing, there is no way out and sooner or later you will give up on this toxic relationship.

Just to give you a clear picture, let’s assume that he does not agree to see your point and pay attention to your behavior. The ultimate result is as such: he always defends his views by debating, makes him superior by bringing you down, acts rude by saying some hurtful things and never respects what you feel.

Now, you can understand that only an uninterested man will follow and lead some arguments to uphold his position or beliefs. He will never take your dialogues seriously.

He doesn’t set you as a top priority
Whenever his woman’s wellbeing is a top man’s priority, a great relationship can exist. When you need him most, your loved one will not have that many struggles to cancel his business meetings, put off his plans with friends and make the time for you. Of course, when living at a quick pace of life, it gets a bit daunting to find hours for our partners. However, for a serious-oriented partner it will never be an uphill battle.

Life happens very unexpectedly. And if your man has you as his main priority nothing should get in his way when you need him the most. So, when your boyfriend is ready to call everything off to devote his time for you, it should be a definite sign he is interested in you. And If it cuts another way, then your relationship is at risk and now it is your time to decide whether to end it or not.

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