LADIES: Here Are 8 Attitudes That Cause Delay In Marriage For You

Our single sisters I have this for you… These are 8 Bad attitude that causes delay in marriage, please read carefully.


The last thing on a Boy’s Mind is Marriage.

Boys don’t think of marriage, they want to make money first, they enter into relationship just for fun and sex, that’s why if the lady should get pregnant, they ask her to abort it, or they’ll deny her, because they aren’t ready for Marriage..

Boyfriends will keep scaring away serious and well-meaning suitors because they’ll be thinking that the boyfriend that always hangs around you actually wants to marry you.


This makes you keep raising your finger to show the world that one young man engaged you and when the serious suitors that are ready to settle down see the ring, they’ll pass over you because the ring tells them you have been taken.

And time is going, uncle isn’t saying anything again, the ring self have start to rust on your finger in protest.

Many engagement rings are actually handcuffs, some are not better than key holders.

Aunty, say no to Lord of the Rings.


you tend to decline marriage proposal in a hurry, to do plenty unnecessary shakara so that the brother will not think you are cheap or desperate.

It tells you to tell him to give you nine months to pray, don’t pick his calls, ignore his WhatsApp messages, behave as if you are not interested even though you are dying on the inside and truly love the brother.

Until you hear the brother is getting married to another sister, then your eyes will open and you will start saying “can’t he even wait for me”

Wait for you? Who do you think you are?

Aunty, If you love the brother and you perceive he is God’s will for you, accept the proposal.


You always talk to brothers anyhow because you are beautiful and educated.

You believe that every brother that greets you is not your class, so you keep ignoring and looking down on them.

You do not greet brothers except those that ride exotic cars.

Aunty, calm down and be humble.

You won’t marry yourself oh…..


I am a WINNERS member and can not marry a CAC member.

I’m from Oyo and must marry someone from Oyo so our marriage will be Deep.

I am a Tabliq and must marry a Tabliq, any other Brother if not Tabliq isn’t appropriate

Even if God is leading you to him.

I’m from Rivers state and must marry from Rivers. River will soon carry you.

This attitude has kept many bound, they entered menopause and are about to join the Women’s league because of their age.

If God is leading you to another sect/tribe, kindly obey Him, stop delaying yourself by yourself


The character of some ladies shocks even the devil.

They will open their mouth to insult someone and you will cry for the person..

They quarrel and fight in public, no shame, self respect and dignity.

Their pride, their arrogance, their attitude, all the brothers are running, sorry, FLEEING from them like ants running away from fire. Who wan die?

This attitude has kept many ladies single, by the time any brother gets close because of her beautiful MASCARA, her CHARACTER will chase him away.

Aunty, this year, work on your character, your date will be fixed this year In Jesus name!


You tend not to dress well because you are going to heaven. Special Heavenly candidate.

You dress and add 10 years to your age .

Your dress and brothers will be greeting you “Good afternoon Ma.” “Yes Ma” “Thank you Ma”

You use tarpaulin to sew your dress, wear green skirt, yellow blouse and lemon head tie. You indecently tied a wrapper around your waist.

You are a lady but dress like a man; Sister, no Man wants to marry his fellow man.

Dressing like egungun that is going to the express.

Dress well, don’t under dress and don’t over dress.

Dress modestly, smell good because it’s not a sin.

We said don’t dress indecently, we never said don’t dress well.


This is for real, this is why I encourage everyone to be prayerful, prayer isn’t only for Ulamas.

Things are happening. Be spiritual

There are people whose marriages have been hijacked in spirit realms and only prayers and God can see them through.

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