LADIES: Here Are Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

The point of dating is to try to get to know someone and see if you two are compatible. And the only way to do that is by asking questions. Communication is the key to any relationship. True. But there are a couple of questions that women ask innocently enough, but from a man’s point of view, they’re irritating to answer.

Do yo know that these questions can actually drive a guy away? Other questions are huge turnoff for any guy, even if he really like you. The problem with this though, is that women ask some questions that are better off not being asked. Each is guaranteed to explode into an argument if the guy does not answer correctly, which is to say honestly, then again even if he does, its a mine field!

These questions should be avoided because they truly reveal things about yourself that are red flag. They can make you look jealous, possessive, or cruel no matter what your intentions are:

1. Where have you been?

This question is actually an indicator of many major relationship issues. It’s very needy and also make a man think you don’t trust him. Just don’t ask unless you were expecting him at an earlier time and you were genuinely fearing for his safety.

2. Do i look fat?

Men are always attracted to confident women, and the question like these make you look needy. How do you expect him to answer these kind of question? If he says “no”, you will accuse him of lying and he says “yes” then you will start a fight. To avoid all these drama, never ask.

3. Do you think she is prettier than me?

First thing first, you should never compare yourself to other people and you shouldn’t ask your man to. The question like these make you look desperate, insecure, and low self esteem. Remember there are women out there who are prettier than you. But he’s chosen to be with you.

4. How much money do you make?

Seriously, this is a red flag. when you ask a guy this kind of question he will think that you’re after his money and not love. His earning is none of your business unless you’re either engaged or about to share your finances.

5. Where do you see us in 5 years?

If you ever want a guy to run the other way, this is the question thats going to get the job done. Men lives in the moment and enjoy every second they get to spend with a woman they cared about. Asking this question only make you look insecure. A guy will know when to propose, so live in the moment and be happy.

6. What’s your body count?

The truth is sex isn’t a number game at all, but for some people, numbers can be a turnoff. Plenty of women have had their world rocked by a guy revealing he’s had sex with way more women than you thought, or way less. It better to hold off on this question to save your precious life from heart attack.

7. Who is she?

When it comes to men if you want to ask something say it. Don’t ask leading questions because it may sound defensive. Just discuss the matter with him but being jealous or insecure with every woman you see’s him with that isn’t good look.

8. Have you ever cheated /would you cheat on me?

What do you expect? He will never tell you he will cheat on you because he knows for a fact you will dump him then and there. And if he’s totally honest about if he ever cheated then he’ll admit he has cheated before but what the use you will end up hurting yourself anyway.

9. What are you thinking?

Many women like asking this question. Honestly, what do you think the answer will be? If you want to know what he’s thinking talk to him, keep conversing with him until you find it out yourself so that he won’t feel like he’s being interviewed. And remember everyone is entitled to his/her own private thought and this aggressive question breaches that privacy.

10. Have you ever been attracted to another guy?

Seriously, what kind of question is this? If your guy is attracted to a male form is okey and that doesn’t make him any less decent but if he want to talk about it, it should be at his own volition and not because you asked.

11. Who are you texting?

Ladies, when you demand to know, who a guy is texting then you are showing some very true, ugly colors. Its make a man think you don’t trust him, you are insecure and jealous. These are kind of things that make any man lose interest.

12. What was your ex like?

Question like this only make you look insecure. Why asking him about his previous relationship? He fall in love with you that means he had moved on from his previous relationship and that must remain history. The more you ask this kind of question it might rekindle the love he felt for her ex. So don’t give him a reason to look back.

13. Why didn’t you call me/will you call me before you go to sleep?

The time you set this rule know that you are sabotaging your relationship. Don’t make a guy feel like it’s a must he call you. When a guy feel like he has to call you or text youvhe will slowly push you away. Guys love to call or text their women only when they want too.

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