Late Marriage Is A Blessing In Disguise. See 3 Key Reasons

Men are often told to wait to get married until they feel ready — until they’re mature, financially secure, established in their careers and comfortable with themselves. This readiness happen when men are in their early 30’s, the age which most men don’t wait for, for the fear of being considered late in getting married.

For ladies, pressure starts piling on them to get married as early as 20 and the pressure is immense from age 26.

What is less known, are the blessings that accompany a person who delays getting married a bit longer, whether man or woman.

Advantages for delayed marriage include, among others:

1. A lower divorce rate

American divorce rates for example, rose from the 1950s to the 1970s, peaked around 1980, and have fallen ever since. The fall in divorce rate is attributed to increased age at marriage, since the mean age at marriage also substantially increased after 1970. Research shows that marriages beginning when a woman is 20 are twice as likely to end in divorce as those beginning when she is 26. Above this age, divorce rate is greatly reduced.

2. Higher income for women, hence reduced dependance.

There’s no one with a happy life as a woman who is financially secure and independent from financial support. Such a woman is an asset to her family and a source happiness to the husband and her kids. By waiting and getting married a bit later, chances are they become mature enough and financially independent.

3. Few intense arguments between spouses

Issues of focus that are sources of arguments and fights in mariage are finances, sex and parenting. These can be attributed to maturity of the couples. Simply said, young couples argue and fight alot as compared to older or mature couples.

The above reasons are what the proponents of early marriage won’t tell you or don’t want you to know. Since marriage is a lifetime commitment which is also God ordained, it should only be entered when one is considered ready, and it should be a personal decision.

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