Learn And Watch About Myths About Arinta Water Falls In Ekiti

If you are a tourist and you are yet to visit Arinta Waterfalls, then you are missing a great deal. Arinta Waterfalls is one of the finest tourist destination in Nigeria.

The road that leads to the fall passes through the Ikogosi Tourist Center. Located at Ipole Iloro, Ekiti State it is a few minutes to Ikogosi Warm Spring. From Ado Ekiti the capital city.

Tourists could feel the cold effect of this fall from about 10 meters away. Arinta Waterfalls consist of seven different cascades. Everyone that goes to Arinta Waterfalls gets to the first layer. To go further will now depend on every visitor’s capability to get to other cascades. Each cascades has unique features.

The water from the fall is believed to have medicinal value. It is said that it has the power to cure skin diseases. However, the waterfall is not regarded as a deity or worshipped.

There is a cobblestone of about 25cm in diameter in one of the seven cascades of the waterfall. It is called the “wonderful stone”.
It is said that no one on earth can lift the stone. Since Arinta Waterfalls has been known, nobody till today has been able to lift the stone. This stone is believed to be a rare mystery.

The community harbouring the waterfalls, Ipole Iloro is a rural settlement surrounded by undulating mountains, thick evergreen forest and flowing rivers.

Arinta Waterfalls is a place for relaxation, picnic, mountain climbing, bush trails, hiking and many more.

It is a wonderful sight to behold.


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