Lies You Have Been Fed About Skincare, Weight-loss And Hair Care

People have a lot of unsolved problems, that when they come across a write-up or an article promising to solve their problems, they immediately fall for it, especially if it has to do with making money, skincare, haircare, and weight loss.

Weight loss

There are some DIY’s posts or videos that will tell you that a mixture of ginger and lime or lemon will help you lose weight overnight, or a blend of mint leaves, turmeric, cucumber, and carrots will help you lose 1kg overnight. This is impossible, overnight? This can only happen in movies that have to do with magic. You can only lose weight if you control your calorie intake and exercise. And not by taking any concoction or slimming tea, without controlling your calorie intake. The rule is to burn more calories than you take in by regular exercise.


When it comes to hair, every lady wants to have a long, voluminous soft hair like the Fulanis and the Indians. So with this, some YouTubers and beauty bloggers who are already endowed with long hair will tell you that you should apply egg, olive oils, honey, etc to your hair and it will grow an inch overnight. That is A BIG FAT LIE!! I am not against all these ingredients, they can really help in hair growth, but not overnight. The process of hair growth Is as follows;- your hair can grow 0.35mm a day, 2.45mm a week, and 1/4 inch a month ie 1cm a month. This works according to your genetics you can’t change that. Hair growth is a gradual process, with hard work and patience, everything will fall into place.


As usual, some of these beauty bloggers and YouTubers create crazy contents just to get more views, contents that can jeopardize your skin’s health instead of solving your problem, you end up exacerbating your condition. They will tell you to apply a mixture of like or lemon and sugar on your face to clear blemishes overnight, or baking powder, egg white, and milk to get shiny glass skin. I bet you, all these ingredients are good in your body and not on your skin. Skincare products or remedies that promise to solve your problems overnight are worth running away from. Just like weight loss and hair growth, skincare is also gradual process that requires hard work, patience and consistency.

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