Main Reasons For High Rate Of Divorce. Number 4 Is Unbelievable

Nowadays divorcing rate has increased so high to a point that people no longer see it as a big issue. Married couple can’t stay together for more than 5 years.

This has brought a lot of concern to psychologist as they have tried to discover the reason behind it. It is believed that many marriages break after giving birth to the first child. The couple moods changes automatically and each one of them starts focusing on their own issues.

However, the following key reasons have been believed to be the main reason why people divorce;

1. Finance

This may not be a problem to some, but it is one of the cause of divorce. Money in the house bring certain peace in the marriage. Paying bills, school fees, or even activities requires money. Sometimes your partner may like spending a lot while you don’t, hence, ends up bringing confusion. To solve this issue, create a budget or long-term goals which will guide you on how to manage your finance.

2. Lack of intimacy

It involves paying attention to your spouse. When it goes away, each partner feels rejected. Despite being a partner and being used to her physical appearance, still show her that you love her by kissing her, hugging, holding hands or even calling to say ‘ I love you’. By doing so, will feel that she is wanted and loves.

3. Lack of compatibility

Before you get married, you knew that you and your partner are compatible and can stay together. But as time goes, things changes and people also change. Your may become a different person with different likes. You should always welcome the changes with a positive mind and understand your partner well.

4. Getting married at an early age

Divorce read her hi to young couple because they are not fully prepared for marriage. Couples who get married in their 20s are likely to face more money challenges. They are always not mature and lack good communication skills. Those married late as a great experience of life and they can understand how to deal with hardship.

5. Lack of communication

Communication is the key part for any marriage to prosper. Couples who share ideas can easily understand each other. Don’t let the kids, your job and activities prevent you from talking to your spouse.

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