Mass Communication has been scrapped from Universities

According to the National Universities commission, Beginning March 2020, Mass Communication will no longer pass for a single course of study in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. This decision was taken in order to meet up with the present demands .

Executive Secretary, of the NUC, Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, speaking to journalists said that the era of Mass Communication as a course in universities is over, as the commission has responded to meet present demands in the labour market.

The course has been disected into 7 (seven) different courses

  • Journalism and media studies
  • Public relations studies
  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Film and multi-media studies
  • Development communication studies
  • Information and media studies

According to Proffesor Abubakar Rasheed , “We have almost concluded the unbundling of Mass Communication. At the end of first quarter (of 2020), Mass Communication will not be existing as a stand-alone degree programme because it is too wide.

Institutions that wish to stick with mass communication  are free to continue the way it’s always been at least until they are properly equipped to competently deliver in the new courses.

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