Mature Ways To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying To You

For some persons, lying is a way of life, while for others, it is an occupation. If you feel like someone is telling you lies, and you want to know if what the person is true or false. Check out 8 ways to find out;

Liars touch their faces, eyes and nose while lying. It is common to see a liar touching behind their ears when they are doing their deeds.

Liars avoid eye contact. They never want you to look into their eyes.

A lying person unconsciously moves inanimate objects such as chairs between you and them. They do this to avoid having any close contact with you.

Liars will use your statements while answering your question. If you ask them “Did you steal my money?” Expect to hear an answer such as “I did not steal your money”

Liars will always get defensive, as a result of their guilt.

The expressions of liars does not always match the words they voice out. A liar can tell you “I care about you”, while pressing his phone.

Have you tried any of the above steps to know if someone was lying to you? How did you feel? Did it work? Drop your thoughts

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